Building Design Company
Building Design Company

Building Design

Our creative building design and project management service enables you to build professionally with ease. We work on new builds, including detached dwellings, townhouses, terraces, and granny flats. We can also assist in renovations, including small and large-scale alterations, extensions, additional levels, and external facades.

We help you understand the process, providing you with new home design or renovation plans, including lodgement management through the Council for Development Applications (DA) and Complying Developments (CDC) on your behalf.

We provide a concept to completion services with the Nirva Designs team & our consultant partners.

  1. Site Review and Advisory
  2. Consultant Management
  3. Building Advisory Services
  4. Building Design
  5. Approval Lodgement and Coordination
  6. Approval Lodgement and Coordination
  7. Construction Drawings

Draftsperson Architect
Draftsperson Architect

How does the Building Design process work?

  • Getting the brief

We provide complimentary design consultation to understand your needs and site requirements. This would help you to understand if your vision for your dream home is achievable or needs a bit of change.

Draftsperson Architect
  • Onboarding

Once you make up your mind to move forward, you accept our proposal and sign the client agreement.

  • Floor Plan Design

Conceptual plans are provided at this stage as per the initial brief, after approval of the floor plan we move on to the elevation stage

  • Façade Approval

Elevations and façade plans are provided along with 3D Perspective views

  • Final Design

A full set of building plans is issued for you to review and sign off for submission

  • Submission

Plans are submitted to the relevant certifying authority – Council or Private Certifier

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