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DA – CDC Approval

What is a Complying Development Certificate?

Complying development is a combined planning and construction approval for straightforward development that can be determined through a fast-track assessment by a council or an accredited certifier. Complying development applies to homes, businesses and industry and allows for a range of things like the construction of a new dwelling house, alterations and additions to a house, new industrial buildings, demolition of a building, and changes to a business use.

What is a Development Application (DA) Approval?

A DA is a formal application for development that requires consent under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). It is usually made to your local council and consists of standard application forms, supporting technical reports and plans.

It includes plans and technical reports, so after all the necessary planning has been completed, it’s time to prepare your proposal for lodgement. This is an important step to get right – ensuring all documentation is completed and compliant to make the DA approval process as smooth as possible.